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I have to be very clear, the Podcast is a project and in no way affiliated with the government. It's also a project that doesn't make money, but costs money. I incur these costs personally and a few gracious people are helping me along the way: we ask you to consider them for your real estate needs in their respective areas. CTOMS is a company I have included as well, it is worth checking out their site.


Podcast Supporters

I know there are a lot of listeners who may find themselves moving to Comox, Greenwood, or Gander and the 3 people below are excellent resources even if you choose not to use their services. These 3 also know their areas well and have a lot of contacts to help you out. Being military, or retired from, they understand what you are going through.

Paul Jackman

From Greenwood, NS



From Comox, BC

Ashley Bullen

From Gander, NFLD


CTOMS mission is simple; To prepare and enable their clients to effectively manage complex tactical, medical, and rescue problems. Not technically a sponsor but this company is incredible and they have a library of medical data worth checking out. If you are interested in any of their courses email me for a discount code.


The Pararescue Association of Canada is made up of current or retired SAR Techs and works to maintain the community far beyond the years you are as a SAR Tech. For non-SAR Techs this website has a lot of information and ways to be involved.

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